Zines are a particular kind of independent publishing, with a DIY attitude, and free reign to publish whatever – and however – you like.

Naturally, this means that zinesters do publish whatever and however they like. From cute zines full of obscure words, to cut-and-paste publications about the latest pop sensation, to extracts from one’s diary and, of course, political agendas.

A small selection of Zee’s zine collection.

I attended a panel on independent publishing, and after hearing about zines was instantly hooked. I got started, and eventually settled on a series of zines called (wo)manpower, interviewing women in the creative arts. I attended Hamilton Zinefest in May, and that not quite quenching my zine cravings, went to Tauranga Zinefest in June, where I also came up with her DIY Zine Kit, so people who catch the zine bug can get started right away.

The Auckland Zinefest promises to be a fantastic event, and will be held at:

Auckland Art Gallery, North Atrium
Sunday the 24th of July
11am – 4pm

I will be there with my zines, my DIY zine kits and, of course, my children’s books. Come enjoy the creative atmosphere – and join in next year!


With a passion for all things creative, Zee shares her experience of the world through word and image. Boundless imagination combined with a deep desire to understand the world and our place in it make for innovative, intriguing and inspiring creations.