NZ Book Festival Ltd – 2018
Terms & Conditions

The General Rules & Regulations – The general rules and regulations for the governance of the New Zealand Book Festival Ltd (NZBF), in addition to those already printed, shall be deemed as if they had been printed in full.


  1. General – The NZBF committee shall be the sole judge of whether the following items have been adhered to in a proper manner. The decision of the committee shall in all respects be final and conclusive.
  2. Booking an exhibitor space – All applications for exhibitor space are made through the bookings page. Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been received. Booked sites are updated daily. Confirmation of your requested site will be within 24 hours of payment. If your choice is no longer available we will contact you to discuss other available sites of the same value. A tax receipt will be issued.
  3. Exhibitor Spaces – An exhibitor space may be shared between no more than three authors. However only one booking and payment will be accepted for the stand. One tax receipt will be issued.
  4. Marketing – All exhibitors are encouraged to forward an author photo or logo, book cover photos, a brief bio, and facebook and website links.
  5. Not included – No tables, power or partitions are included in the stand fee. Hireage of tables and tablecloths is available through the booking page. However, chairs are available free-of-charge for use on the day. Help yourself to as many as you need when setting up the stand.
  6. Professionalism – All stands are required to look professional and presentable. Exhibitors are required to bring their own tablecloths which fully cover their tables down to the floor. This gives a professional look and is a handy place to store stock. Tablecloths are available for hire for $15. If an exhibitor’s stand doesn’t meet the NZBF professionalism standards a tablecloth will need to be hired.
  7. Payment Liability – In the event of the festival being cancelled or terminated because of fire or earthquake, the committee will refund a fair proportion of any fees paid by the exhibitor.
  8. Co-operation – No exhibitor shall permit their table to be used in such a manner as to conflict with the purpose of the festival or the rights of other exhibitors.
  9. Cancellation – Once the stand fee is paid, it is non-refundable. Cancellations threaten the stability of the event.
  10. Stand set-up and pack-down – Setup is from 8.30am – 9.45am. The committee volunteers will be setting up the various exhibition areas until 8.30am the morning of the festival. Do not ask to be let in earlier than 8.30am as your request will be declined. For pack-down; we appreciate people have other commitments, however we need to ensure the event looks professional and welcoming for the public during opening hours. An Exhibitor must keep their stand intact and presentable during the official open hours. 10am – 4.00pm Pack-down may commence from 4.05pm. Please be aware that visitors may still be wandering around after official closing. The hall needs to be vacated by 6pm. The rules of set-up and pack-down times will be strictly enforced.
  11. Competitions or Contests – Exhibitors are welcome to run competitions from their own exhibitor space. Competitions or contests must be free of charge to visitors
  12. Advertising – By agreeing to exhibit at the festival, you agree that your name and products may be used by us to advertise the festival. You are encouraged to advertise to your contacts that you’ll be at the festival. We will provide you with an emailed poster/flyer/links for advertising to your networks. Exhibitors with a back wall can only use blue tac to affix their posters.
  13. Facilities – The toilet facilities are down a corridor just off the main entrance foyer. Please bring your own food and drink as there are no kitchen facilities available. There will be food and coffee caravans outside selling a variety of hot and cold food. Some dietary conditions will be catered to however it would be best to rely on your own supply.

Code of Conduct

A high standard of ethics and behaviour is expected from exhibitors doing business at the festival. Generally, all exhibitors behave honourably, but there is sometimes an unethical minority who can cause anguish for others. This includes misleading representations, conflicts of interest and misuse of information.

  1. The sales process, whilst competitive, should not impact on the brands and integrity of others.
  2. As a general rule, ‘Sales representations should be made based on the intrinsic value of your OWN product’ not on the goods or reputation of others.