Horse & Trap. 3 Enfield Street, Mt Eden

Get ready for a great night out everyone.

In 2017 the exclusive member only GALA NIGHT will be special.

Apart from all the usual advantages of getting together the night before a big festival – including meeting new people, enjoying your favourite tipple (alcoholic or otherwise), talking your head off about yourself or learning more about your neighbour – there is the VIBE. (Very Important Book Exuberance)

Who can ignore VIBE?

And that VIBE will be created by you – and a few friends…

To help you feel ‘in the mood’ there will be food, and a cash bar, and….

drum roll please


Deborah Challinor – one of New Zealand’s better-known historical fiction writers – is going to talk to us about

  • how she got started,
  • what research she does,
  • those rejections letters and how she handled them,
  • what the publisher does and, more importantly, what they don’t do and more….

Deb will not be the only speaker, but we can’t tell you who else will be there just yet…. It’s a surprise.

BUT we promise, all the speakers will be there to help us improve.

If you want to be there then get in now and book your ticket early