Fairy Jane – Facepainter

Once upon a time there was a fairy who loved to paint. Her name was Fairy Jane. She was the most colourful and sparkly fairy you ever saw. Her wings shone like rainbows, even on wet and windy days. Everybody loved her because she was always happy.
Fairy Jane had paint brushes of every size. There were fat ones as thick as tree trunks. Frilly bristled ones that looked like ballerinas’ tutus. Some that could paint five different colours at once, and others no bigger than a caterpillar’s tooth.
Have you ever seen how the colour of the sky changes from light blue, to dark blue, to rainy grey? Or the ocean change from light green, to dark green in the blink of an eye? Fairy Jane did that. She even painted the night-time. (She didn’t like the black so she dotted it with twinkling bright stars). Fairy Jane decorated all the trees, the butterflies, the birds, the insects and all the letterboxes of the world with her magic paint set. It was all her own work.
But best of all she loved face painting. She’d dab frilly pink there, a dash of midnight blue there, a flick of sun bright orange there, then finish off with a sprinkling of fairy dust. There’d be boats, rainbows, gnomes, silver ferns, butterflies and unicorns. (Unicorns were her favourite).
Would you like your face painted by Fairy Jane? Come and meet her at the next NZ Book Festival on the 17th November 2018 from 10am – 4pm. There’ll be wonderful drawings for you to colour in too. Or you can do your own drawings.

Storytime Authors to be announced soon.

Coffee and Food on the Day

Jed’s Coffee Co. 

Another Clever Kiwi Idea. 100% Fresh NZ Roasted Coffee in easy-to-use single serve Bean Bags.

The clever pyramid shape tricks your cup into thinking it is a plunger. It then brews the perfect cup of coffee! And because we know you’ll want to take this everywhere – each bag is individually sealed to go where you do. The path to perfection starts with the clever shape of the Bean Bag, which lets the fresh coffee brew like it does in a plunger. The secret is the two squeezes with a good brew in between.

Free coffee packs for the first 100 visitors on the day. Free freshly brewed coffees for visitors and exhibitors on the day.

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Keep watching! Food vendors announced shortly.