Fairy Jane – Facepainter

Once upon a time there was a fairy who loved to paint. Her name was Fairy Jane. She was the most colourful and sparkly fairy you ever saw. Her wings shone like rainbows, even on wet and windy days. Everybody loved her because she was always happy.
Fairy Jane had paint brushes of every size. There were fat ones as thick as tree trunks. Frilly bristled ones that looked like ballerinas’ tutus. Some that could paint five different colours at once, and others no bigger than a caterpillar’s tooth.
Have you ever seen how the colour of the sky changes from light blue, to dark blue, to rainy grey? Or the ocean change from light green, to dark green in the blink of an eye? Fairy Jane did that. She even painted the night-time. (She didn’t like the black so she dotted it with twinkling bright stars). Fairy Jane decorated all the trees, the butterflies, the birds, the insects and all the letterboxes of the world with her magic paint set. It was all her own work.
But best of all she loved face painting. She’d dab frilly pink there, a dash of midnight blue there, a flick of sun bright orange there, then finish off with a sprinkling of fairy dust. There’d be boats, rainbows, gnomes, silver ferns, butterflies and unicorns. (Unicorns were her favourite).
Would you like your face painted by Fairy Jane? Come and meet her at the next NZ Book Festival on the 17th November 2018 from 10am – 4pm. There’ll be wonderful drawings for you to colour in too. Or you can do your own drawings.

Tamsin Flynn – The Children’s Poet

Tamsin Flynn began writing for children in 2002.In 2004 she was published in the anthology Down to the sea again edited by Tessa Duder and published by Harper Collins.

The story tells of one of her many crazy sailing adventures told from the point of view of a pirate and she should know as Tamsin has been sailing around the Hauraki Gulf since she was six. She has travelled to most corners of the world and in 2008 moved to Qatar to live for four years to experience life through the eyes of another culture.

Here she met UK poet and illustrator Chris White who not only inspired her in the performance of children’s poetry but also agreed to illustrate for her. She began performing her work in schools in Qatar. She continues to perform her own work here in New Zealand and by interacting and work shopping with the children aims to share the joy of the poetry.

Tamsin has work in A Treasury of NZ children’s poems edited by Paula Green and published by Random House and has completed over sixty performances in schools in Auckland.

She loves entertaining children with her funny narrative poems and is passionate that poetry be an interactive and engaging process for all.

Bean Bag Pile Up = Storytime

Watch out for Killer Croc

Yummy Food and Coffee

Pancakes are Delicious

Pancakes will be onsite ensuring your tastebuds don’t feel left out. So what’s on the menu?

We have a delicious range of gluten free home back. With the Bacon, Egg & Kumara Slab. Savoury Muffins warmed up with Butter & Relish. Along with everyones favourite, the sweet selection of Pancakes and Super Hero Fuel COFFEE!

We’re looking foward to being a part of another great NZ Book Festival. We look forward to serving your our yummies on the day.

Kindest regards, Liz Alexander of Pancakes are Delicious

Sponser of the exhibitor tables at the 2017 NZ Book Festival

Sweet Stack

Pancakes with Cream or Icecream, with Lemon Juice or a saucy topping of Caramel, Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Strawberry or Blueberry / Chai Banana & Date Loaf / Beetroot, Blackberry & Chocolate Cakes.


Pancakes with Bacon, Banana, Maple syrup and Cream / Mini Frittatas / Salmon Quiche

Barista Coffee

How do you like it?

Short Black – Long Black – Americano – Macchiato – Latte – Flat White – Cappuccino – Mocha – Piccolo – Affogato

Mama Yoya’s Mexican Food

Mama Yoya’s is real Mexican Cuisine, with the unique flavours of home made Mexican food, tasty and delicioso…

Review: Garantizado el sabor de la cocina mexicana por la mismísima Mama Yoya!! (Guaranteed the taste of Mexican cuisine by Mother Yoya herself!!)