We hide books around the WORLD, every day, for people to find, read, and then leave for the next person. The best thing is that YOU can get involved to be a book fairy and share your books, too!

Head to our book fairy goodies page to get started.

Share your books with the world through the Book Fairies

The Book Fairies are an international organisation devoted to sharing books.

Book Fairies leave books all over the world for people to stumble upon and read. The idea is that once the book has been read, the finder will leave it somewhere else for another person to enjoy.

The Hamilton and Auckland based Book Fairies would love to support the indie authors who are exhibiting at the NZ Book Festival this year and invite those of you with a spare copy or two to donate a book (or as many as you like) in the lead up to the event.

Your books will be among those that they will place in public places for readers to find around NZ (most probably Hamilton and Auckland, but Tauranga and Cambridge too).

For each book the book fairies place, they post on their worldwide networks profiling the author and the book.

On social media you can check out #ibelieveinbookfairies to see which books are being hidden around the world.

Reading seems to have become less popular over the years and the Book Fairies movement aims to improve that, as well as encouraging people to purchase books and keep our bookstores, and writers in business!

If you would like to know more or discuss further, you can contact Jade (The Book Fairy, New Zealand) –

or Nico (The Book Fairy, Hamilton) –

Niko and Jade will be at the NZ Book Festival talking to exhibiting authors. Below are the social media outlets if you would like to see any of their book drops around the world.

Book Fairy Social Media 

Instagram – Bookfairies New Zealand

Instagram – Bookfairies Hamilton

Instagram:- Bookfairies Worldwide

Twitter – The Book Fairies New Zealand

Facebook: Bookfairies New Zealand

Facebook: Bookfairies Hamilton

Facebook: Bookfairies Worldwide

Website: I believe in Bookfairies