Exhibitors getting prepared for this years NZ Book Festival.

The team is here to help before you arrive at the venue, and on the day. Email us with your queries if we haven’t covered your questions below. We’re want the day to be a success for you and our visitors. Refresh yourself with the Terms & Conditions of exhibiting at the festival and the Code of Conduct.

It’s All About Timing – 17th Saturday of November 2018

8.30 am – 10.00 am       Setting up your Exhibitor Stand – Arriving late is disruptive and unprofessional.
Unfortunately we weren’t able to secure the venue on Friday night for setting up. The stand set up time from 8.30am so exhibitors have an hour and a half to prepare. The doors will be locked prior to this so the team has time to get the venue ready for you. The festival is run by a handful of volunteers so please don’t expect them to be available to carry items to your stand for you. Last year there was a traffic queue along Dominion Rd with exhibitors trying to get to the front entrance for unloading. This year you will be directed to the car park behind the venue. The same will apply with packing up.

Auckland Council has strict traffic control measures. To minimise vehicle chaos we would appreciate your understanding on this matter. It costs money to implement and submit a traffic control plan to council. We’d prefer not too. 

10.00 am –   4.00 pm     Doors open to the public
If you know you can’t stay for the full opening hours ensure someone else can manage your stand. We had three exhibitors attempt to pack up early last year.  It looks dreadful having stands empty and gives visitors the impression they’re not valued. Don’t do it!

4.00 pm –   5.00 pm       Pack down
Be aware of visitors still wandering around inside the venue after 4.00 pm. It might be to your benefit to leave your stand up for an extra 5-10 minutes to give them a chance to come and chat. Could also be the right time to sell them your discounted display books.

6.00 pm – Venue closed

See Parking for more information.

You are Here!

  • The NZ Book Festival is at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 489 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland.
  • There is a bus stop right outside the venue. Other options available. 
  • The festival is run by a handful of volunteers so please don’t expect them to unload and carry items to your stand for you.
  • What’s my stand number. Refer to the layouts for the foyer and the hall.
  • I’ve got a problem. You can ask our committee members for help on the day. Or if you have a query before the big day.

Facilities on Offer and Not on Offer


Toilets – You’ll be relieved to know the toilet facilities at the venue are just off the main entrance foyer on the right. Ask at the help desk if you need directions.

Kitchen – There are no kitchen facilities available at this venue. It’s a case of bring your own food and thermos.

Food Caravans – There will be other caravans providing, coffee, cold drinks and food variety however, if you have special dietary requirements we suggest you bring your own food and drink.

Eftpos – There will be a cash out facility available at the venue on the day for visitors only. BRING your own cash float as the funds are limited to visitor withdrawals. This is to ensure visitors have access to cash throughout the festival to purchase your books. There is a $3 charge for each withdrawal.

Power Points – Being a council owned building power points weren’t a major consideration when it was built. Ensure your devices are charged as they can’t be charged at the venue.

Help Me – If you need help on the day you can ask our committee members. Or track down one of the de Varga family members who’ll be able to help in most situations. Danny will be on the Help Desk in the foyer. Toby will be blowing up the balloons in the Kids’Zone, Quinn will be available too. Louise will be floating around during the day helping visitors get the most out of their visit. She’ll be wearing a book apron. Unfortunately she hasn’t agreed to having floaty balloons attached to her head for easy spotting.

Parking – There is free parking behind the venue for exhibitors to unload their goods. However once you’ve put your items on your stand please move your car onto a side street. There’s worse than visiting an event and giving up because you couldn’t find a parking spot close by.There are only two disability parks available directly outside the venue. A current disability parking permit will need to be visible to use these parks.

Rubbish – No rubbish bins will be provided on the day. We are asking you to be environmentally aware of your rubbish. If you bring it in, you’re responsible for taking it back out. To keep exhibitor stand prices as low as possible we don’t want the venue owners (Auckland Council) charging us for the removal of your rubbish.

What to Bring


Sometimes it helps having a list of things to bring on the day of a festival or market. So here’s some suggestions for you.

1. Cash Float Guide $100 – $200  Bring your own cash float as the funds at the cash out facility are limited to visitor withdrawals only. Keep your cash float denominations low. Be aware of visitors asking to exchange their $50 or $100 notes then walking off without purchasing. Send them to the help desk.

2. Your Grab Bag

  • Stationery: pens, sellotape, pens, blue-tac, calculator, pens.
  • Newsletter Signup Sheets
  • 100 Goody Bags – If you’d like to include something in our 100 visitor goody bags ensure you bring them early to the goody bag ‘loading up’ area in the foyer. It doesn’t have to be 100. This is a great way to promote yourself after the day is over. It could be flyers, books, discount vouchers, business cards, free ebook links, a sample chapter from your next book. Be imaginative.
  • Carry bags for purchases. Paper or recyclable plastic?
  • Charged mobile phone and devices
  • A full length tablecloth which drops to the floor is required, if you’re not hiring one from us. You may like to match your tablecloth with the genre card balloons. It’ll make you stand out. (In a good way, not a sore thumb kind of way). The drop to the floor tablecloth not only looks professional, it’s a great way to hide stock, your lunch and your possessions.
  • Props for displaying your books, pricing signs, and information sheets. Weighted beans bags for keeping your pull-up banner stable.
  • Posteres and Pull-up Banners. There are no partitions on any of the stands. If you have purchased a walled site (Stands ‘K’ ‘E’ ‘A’ and ‘F’) you may attach posters only with blu-tac. If you have booked a front of stage site (Stands ‘D’) you are welcome to put your pull up banners on the stage directly behind you. You need to be able to weigh your down so it doesn’t topple onto your or your neighbour.
  • Food, drink and tissues.

3. Stock

It may seem obvious but you need to consider the quantity of stock you’ll have on hand.  A suggestion is to bring at least 20 books of each title. More if you only have a couple of books. In the happy event you run out of stock, make sure you are able to provide the customer with the delivered products at the same cost including free delivery. Have display books, for each title, available for customers to peruse. Nothing worse than a large collection of tatty books to take home. However, you may be able to sell off your display books at the end of the day.

4. Mobile Eftpos facility

Darian Smith is a well known writer of fantasty and contemporary fiction including,  ‘Agent of Kalanon‘. He regularly exhibits at Armegeddon and the NZ Book Festival among others. He recently purchased a BNZ PayClip for eftpos transactions for his mobile phone. It’s a good idea to research the mobile efpos facilities available from the major banks. With most people using eftpos these days it offers them, and you, a convenient way to do business. Last year the cash-out facility ran out of funds due to high demand from visitors. At times there was a queue which may also have put people off.

5. A smile and comfy shoes

Face ache and extra laughter lines may be the down side of smiling, but it’ll be worth it.  People generally prefer to engage with happy sellers. Try and stand up when greeting visitors. Be ready to engage, and offer a book for them to look at, or a freebie. If your book isn’t about knitting it’s probably best you don’t bring yours along. Think twice about checking your mobile. These activities only encourage people to walk by. However sending photos of the event to your social media fans may be the the encouragement they need to visit.

We’re looking forward to working with you on another successful event.

The Team xxx