Meet New Zealand authors and discover new books to read at the NZ Book Festival 2018

If you love books, The NZ Book Festival is one of the top FREE Auckland events not to be missed! Meet New Zealand authors and discover new books to read or buy for yourself or for someone else as a Christmas gift.

Entry to this family-friendly annual event is FREE, offering something for everyone, including good coffee and hot foot to keep your energy up while you browse the selection of books for sale.


Readers discover new books to read

Readers can expect a great selection of authors with new books to read across a wide range of genres. Choose from mystery, fantasy, chick lit, historical romance and crime, as well as non-fiction and general fiction.

Discounts, competitions, activities, food and REAL coffee – there’s plenty to see and do for all ages! Be sure to check out what’s happening this year in the Kids Zone and other event favourites at the NZ Book Festival.

What’s on at the NZ Book Festival 2018


The go-to event for New Zealand authors


Independent New Zealand authors and emerging writers have plenty to look forward to at the NZ Book Festival 2018. There will be a range of businesses specialising in independent publishing services on hand to answer your questions and plenty of networking opportunities.


Writers and businesses register here to book your exhibitor stand for 2018

In 2015 it was called the NZ Independent Book Festival and held again on the North Shore.

The 2016 event secured its place as the NZ Book Festival in the calendars of readers and writers. Ninety exhibitors from as far away as Dunedin celebrated being a published indie author or an indie publisher at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall on Dominion Road. The professional stands and books on offer showcased the very best creative New Zealand indie writers have to offer. Visitor numbers exceeded both the 2014 and 2015 festivals.

The NZ Book Festival brings writers and readers together to share their love of literature. We look forward to meeting you at the 2018 event.

Meet Award Winning New Zealand Authors

Dee Pignegy, Darian Smith & Stu Duval to name drop a couple. There’s authors for readers, and publishers for writers. Oh, and there’s coffee, hot food, desserts, and cool drinks for those who are undecided.

Kids’Zone Activities

Once upon a time there was a fairy who loved to paint. Her name was Fairy Jane. She was the most colourful and sparkly fairy you ever saw. Her wings shone like rainbows, even on wet and windy days. Everybody loved her because she was always happy. Fairy Jane had paint brushes of every size. There were fat ones as thick as tree trunks. Frilly bristled ones that looked like ballerinas’ tutus. Some that could paint five different colours at once, and others no bigger than a caterpillar’s tooth.

Foyer and Hall Layouts

Print this handy map out and bring it with you. You’ll be welcomed into the venue from 10 am and offered a genre card. The coloured balloons you’ll see reflect different genres. There are cross overs however. For example Horror/Romance and Historical/SciFi.  Some genres may appear to be missing for example Mystery, Women’s Fiction, ChicLit and Young Adult. These genres are on offer however we didn’t have enough space to print them all on the genre card.