World of Words Exhibitors – 2016

Businesses in the business of writing, printing,  publishing and marketing.

Come and chat with the companies who’ll take your manuscript to the next level. They’ll advise on how to turn your manuscript into a saleable entity.


This is an exciting solution to the problem of major publishing houses merging or moving offshore making it harder to be traditionally published.


At the NZ Book Festival you have easy access to a range of small literary companies whose business it is to give you the ultimate joy of having your story published and enjoyed by your family, friends and the public.  Click on the logos below to be whisked away to their websites.

Lang Book Marketing

You’re the expert writer; We’re the expert book promoter!

Book Marketing Services for Authors.

Lang Book Marketing


Helping authors EDIT, DESIGN and PROMOTE your Book!



Need books or booklets printed?

Any book. Any quantity. We have you sorted.


The CopyPress

We offer the usual design and printing services. But we what we really love is helping writers become independent publishers!


Fresh Words Daily

Nothing is more attractive to an author than to receive a phone call from someone you have never met who tells you they like your work.  While trying to be modest during the phone call all I want to do is go YEE HA!!


New Zealand’s premier book printer.

Self publish your book with

bookprinting NZ logo

DIY Publishing

DIY Publishing Ltd is here to help writers like you. Assisting Writerpreneurs in New Zealand and beyond.

DIY Publishing


If you want to publish your book how do you get started?

Plan – Write – Edit – Design – Print


Aries Publishing Ltd

Looking to get published? We are here to help.

Everything you need to get published.


Hawkeye Proofreading

Nothing gets past us.

We love nothing more than taking a wonderful piece of writing and making it even better.



Getting more books to more places in more ways. Take your books to China, Brazil, Europe, and everywhere else you’ve dreamed of them going. The world is reading, so let’s tell your story.


AM Publishing New Zealand

AM Publishing New Zealand has been successfully publishing books for eight years, and has produced over 120 books. We cover everything you need to get your manuscript ready for print.


NZ Society of Authors

The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.) was established in 1934 as the New Zealand PEN Centre and remains the principal organisation for New Zealand authors. It is an Incorporated Society and an approved non-profit organisation. The society is a membership based arts organisation, representing over 1,400 writers nationally through our five regions, eight branches and many hubs.

Visit NZ Society of Authors on facebook


Freelance – Writers helping writers

Writers’ groups aren’t always to hand, which means too many writers don’t get the support and encouragement that comes from sharing. So where do you go to then to learn what you must know? Like the different kinds of writing and what they demand; how to get started and how to get published, and other dos and don’ts.

Writers helping writers website

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