Where will ‘The Book Festival’ been held?

The 2016 Book Festival is being held at the Mt Eden Memorial Hall on Dominion Road, Auckland.

What are the 2016 opening hours for the public?

Opening hours on Saturday, 5th November are from 10 am – 4.30 pm.

How much does it cost for the public to get in?

Entry is FREE.  This includes entry to the Kidzone, Main Hall, The World of Words and Book Nook Cafe’.

What does self-published mean?

A writer publishes their own print or ebook without any assistance from a third party. This may be because they have all the skills to produce a professional looking product without help from others. Their book is considered to be self-published.

What does independently published mean?

A writer engages other people or businesses to assist with publishing their book. It could be one or a number of jobs that the writer requires professional help. This could be a proof reader, editor, book designer, illustrator, cover designer, graphic designer, printer and/or online ebook professional.  Both self-published and independently published books are know as indie books.

Is there a difference in quality between traditional books, self-published or independently published books?

With the need for books to look professional not only for readers abut also bookstores it is unlikely you’d pick one from the other.

Can I purchase eBooks at this festival?

Many authors attending the festival will be offering ebooks as well as print books. Ask the author how best to purchase their ebook.

How can I pay for my books?

Some exhibitors will have EFTPOS facilities at their stand. Otherwise it will be cash only.  
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