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Vicki Jeffels

Based on a true story and an award-winning blog, From Pavlova to Pork Pies is a tragi-comedy that will have you laughing and crying at ‘Hurricane Meg’s’ adventures, the family’s determination to stay together and their search for love, laughs and the way home.

Visit Vicki’s website


M J Burr

An End of Honour moves from the Musket Wars battlefields of Taranaki to the campaigns of the American mid-West and back again to the Land Wars via the society of colonial Auckland.  Told by an historian-turned-novelist, it’s the story of two highly-principled men who see beyond division, race and greed to find unity in the thought that, if one has no honour, one has nothing.

Visit Michael’s website               Book review by Rotorua Daily Post


Jean Gilbert

Award winning author Jean Gilbert’s latest work, co-authored with William Dresden, is a modern YA fantasy called Light In My Dark, a tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. Jean’s science fiction novels: Shifters, Ardus, and The Vault from The Vault Agency Series are published by Rogue House Publishing. You can find her short story Blonde Obsession in Baby Teeth: Bite Size Tales of Terror published by Paper Road Press, and SJV finalist Pride in Contact Light Anthology.

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Dennis McLeod

I was raised on a farm south of Putaruru, joined the army at 15. This is a story of a life of challenges and led by God. Became a trades teacher, Pastor and then served in missions in several countries. Wrote Small Beginnings, as a record of a life that I hope will encourage others.

Visit Dennis’ website


Lyndsay Morgan

Lyndsay was born in Otaki, on the Kapiti Coast – one of twin girls. Her education started at a small country school, Te Horo Primary School, followed by education in Shannon, Levin and three years in St Mary’s Diocesan School in Stratford, Taranaki. Lyndsay’s infant-care career began in 1959 when she trained at a Karitane Hospital in Wanganui – which at the time was one of five specialist Karitane Hospitals in New Zealand.

Visit Lyndsay’s website


Jonathan Griffiths

Jonathan was born in New Zealand, in the shadow of Huntly’s coal-fired power station. He first came to fame as the singer of the infamous punk band Proud Scum in 1979.

He spent the ‘80s and ‘90s in Sydney as a playwright and taxi driver. And he’s been hiding in Melbourne ever since, churning out his first novel and two collections of short stories.

Interviewed by Gerard Smith on the TV show The Beat Goes On, Jonathan Griffiths talks about the launch of the book, The Road Behind. View the video here 

Visit Jonathan’s website


James Russell

James was a journalist until he was made redundant in February this year. Luckily his self-published trilogy of children’s picture books, The Dragon Brothers, have become best-sellers in New Zealand, and next year will be published in the US/Canada, the UK and China. He is currently working on the first of a series of children’s novels, the first of which will be published early next year.

Visit The Dragon Brothers website


Katherine Dewar

Katherine Dewar has just launched her debut novel, Ruby and the Blue Sky, published worldwide. A feminist climate change thriller, the book is a compelling and provocative modern novel about fame, power, sacrifice – and tea.

“Beautiful, fierce, thriving. This is Ruby’s world and I want in.” Metiria Turei, Green Party.

Visit Katherine’s website    Follow Katherine on Twitter Like Ruby and the Blue Sky on Facebook


Kirsten McKenzie

Kirsten McKenzie is a full time author, currently  working on the edits for the next book in the Old Curiosity Shop series – The Last Letter.

Her first book, Fifteen Postcards, was published by Accent Press in the United Kingdom in May 2015. She has also had work published in print anthologies, and online.

Visit Kirsten’s website


Earth’s End Publishing

Earth’s End Publishing is a boutique publishing house dedicated to producing comics and graphic novels by New Zealand’s finest cartoonists. Our current titles include: The Dharma Punks by Ant Sang, and a new edition of the iconic kiwi classic, Terry Teo and the Gunrunners by Bob Kerr & Stephen Ballantyne.

300310 Sunday News Photographer Grahame Cox.Fairfax Auckland. Pic of Garry Sheeran Business Journalist at the Fairfax Business Bureau. taken for Independent

Garry Sheeran

Ancient moa flew to New Zealand? Kiwi are most closely related to the Madagascan  elephant bitrd? Preposterous! But true. In Birds of the West Wind, Garry Sheeran traces how modern science is upsetting many apple carts in the origin stories of New Zealand birds, and tells of his own latter day interest in birds with enthusiasm, originality and charm.


Adam Millen

Adam Millen is an engineer who had a crazy idea and has now self-published a children’s book about feelings. He believes in the importance of teaching kids the names for their feelings and the power of stories to achieve this.


Mark Sommerset

Mark creates award-winning picture books with his wife Rowan on Waiheke Island. Published in 9 languages across 14 countries, their titles include Two Little Bugs, The Boy and the Cherry Tree, Cork on the Ocean, I Love Lemonade and the best-selling Baa Baa Smart Sheep.

Rahra Illustration_001
Rahra Illustration_002

Rahra Illustration

Rahra illustrations are cute, a little bit quirky, and currently available as prints to bring a little bit of unique personality into your home. Drawn with pencil, coloured with water-colour pencils and finished with ink. Available as a freelance illustrator for your beautiful stories.

Visit Rahra on facebook


Russell Meek

Adventure/fantasy author and photographer Russell Meek returns from Europe with book three of The Khalada Stone series – A Dark Heart Rises: Part I. If you love sweeping deserts, Arabic mystery, manipulation, betrayal and intrigue all bound up in a ‘swords and arrows’ fantasy realm, then you and I have things to discuss!


Janine Tate

As long as I can remember I have loved creating things. Taylor takes flight is my first children’s book. Known mainly for my butterfly art I have recently been commissioned by Hamilton Gardens to create a set for them.  
JOhn 300x300

John Irvine

Of Scottish descent, John was born in 1940 in Lower Hutt. He went to Australia for almost 29 years, and also spent time up in PNG. Upon his return to NZ he got serious about writing

Visit John’s website.

Paul_Martins_Kory_portrait (1)
Kory_cover (1)

Paul Martin

Paul Martin is an illustrator and author, and lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, where he is the owner of Riverstone Design Studio.
Paul’s graphic novel ‘Flight of the Kiwi’, was inspired while playing rugby in France. Paul played professional rugby for Waikato, the Chiefs and in France for many years, and has had many adventures of his own.

Visit Paul’s website.

Gary 2015fest
Pacific Affair graphicfest

Gary Stephenson

Gary started writing again after a very long break. The Charles Langham Series was born following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The books have a life of their own and require a lot of research for factual accuracy which helps to keep the mind active. His wife Davina helps with proofreading, continuity and research.

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Simon Bliss

Simon started writing about his extensive sailing experiences at the age of sixty five. His first book, ‘Sea Legs, a Boat’s Story’ is about how he came to own and sail a little yacht called Rivale halfway around the world. He is currently writing ‘Sea Legs, Part II’, continuing his ocean-going adventures.


Visit Simon’s website

Robert Bolton photo
Robert Bolton books2

Robert Bolton

Like many New Zealand authors Robert Philip Bolton found it impossible to break into the publishing establishment and so began publishing his own books.

After a career in advertising he began freelance writing in 1983. He gradually reduced his commercial writing and now dedicates himself to his own fiction which is mostly about New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Visit Robert’s website


Yvonne Powley

Yvonne has been awarded honours; APSNZ (Associate of the Photographic Society of NZ); has a Diploma in Photojournalism and studied Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland Graduate School of Business. Yvonne lives in Birkenhead, is married, and has two children and three grandchildren.


Keith Hill

My day job is working in television, but my fun writing is in the areas of poetry and philosophy with a spiritual leaning. Won Ashton-Wylie 2007 Award for Unpublished Manuscript for “Striving to Be Human”, a search for a moral yardstick that works in contemporary Western secular, multi-cultural societies. Have set up Attar Media to put out music, literature and films that explore our shared spirituality.


Liz Donnelly

Hi I’m Liz – a writer with a background in TV writing and child rearing. I wrote and produced the Eardrops audio stories to help young children learn the everyday sounds of their world.  Looking forward to meeting you at the Book Festival.

Visit the Eardrops website

Visit Liz’s blog

Dad FB
Owen Clough

Owen Clough

Owen is a keen genealogist and rugby fanatic a lover of history. Using his hobby as a point of reference, always wondering what it would be like to live back in the turbulent times of New Zealand’s history wrote his first novel with this in mind. Whispers of the Past.

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Darian Smith

Darian Smith writes fantasy and paranormal fiction.  He lives in Auckland with his wife (who also writes) and their Siamese cat (who doesn’t).
He holds two Koru Awards, is the winner of the SpecFicNZ/Steam Press manuscript competition, and has been a finalist for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards several times

Visit Darian’s Website           Visit Darian on Facebook

Sam Orchard
Samuel orchard

Samuel Orchard

Rooster Tails, by Samual Orchard is an autobiographical comic about the life and times of me! I’m a simple queer transboy, transitioning in New Zealand, with my partner Joe.

Visit Rooster Tails Website            Visit Rooster Tails on Facebook

Wendy Gillespie book

Wendy Gillespie

Doctor Wendy Gillespie was born in Waihi, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. She is a very family oriented person and is passionate about early childhood development. This is Wendy’s first children’s book and is based on an event in the life of Carter, who is one of her six grandchildren.

Visit Wendy’s Website

Lisa Melrose
Lisa Melrose books

Lisa Melrose

With my love for art, books, and educating our future leaders in emotional intelligence, I have created this set of books and learning materials, to support children between the ages of 3 to 8, in developing their skills in perceiving, understanding and managing emotions.

Visit Funworxx website               Visit Funworxx Publishing on Facebook

Robin Kermode pic
Robin Kermode book

Robin Kermode

I wrote the Let’s Go Eels, a 32 page print book, because I wanted young people to learn about the eel, and I couldn’t find a book to workshop in schools. As a teacher I wanted to educate young people about looking after their environment and looking after our endemic creatures. My book comes with Creature Feature cards, Flora Explorer cards and the New Zealand River card game.

Visit Stories in Action website

Graham Bathgate pic2
Graham Bathgate books

Graham Bathgate

“It must be 100 years since I read this poem!” Thelma McLean can say truthfully. Thirty-two poems and memories of Central Otago school days are in “Poetry A Centenarian Remembers” – a big change from authentic stories of Japan.  I look forward to meeting many visitors to the 3rd great NZ Book Festival.

Visit FineLine Press’ website

Jean Day pic
Jean Day book

Jean Day

 There’s something irresistible about a diary, especially one from over 150 years ago discovered under a house. Scrawled cryptic entries on water-stained pages, near-impossible to read, but hinting at the story of a man’s adventures sailing in the South Pacific. That random find sent author Jean Day on a fifty-year journey of discovery where she found uncanny parallels between her life and that of the long-departed diarist, Thomas Kerr.
Janet Balcomb book

Janet Balcombe

Janet’s rollercoaster memoir, Take a Walk on the Wild Side, was an ASHTON WYLIE LITERARY AWARD FINALIST in 2015 and has just been republished as, The Wild Side. Janet is a convicted kidnapper and Meth-survivor who now writes real life stories that bring real hope.

Visit Janet’s website.           Visit Janet’s pledge me site

David Roy pic
David Roy book

David Roy

David was born in the UK but now lives in New Zealand. Kinross Flat is his first novel. The story is split over three time periods; 2011, 1961 and 1918-1920. The main focus of the narrative is the search, by a character from 2011, about the life of a lost relative, who’s story is told in flashback.

Visit David’s website

Sam Rogers pic
Sam Rogers Books

Sam Rogers

Sam’s late father-in-law’s diaries, manuscripts and one published book contained a wealth of information about the South Pacific and in particular Fiji. He has revised the book which is now called “The Men from Vavalagi.” Sam has since written his own books from this collection of writings including, “Scuttlebutt,, “The Maroro Story” and “Savusavu, Fiji – A Snapshot in Time .“ 

Visit Sam’s Website

Ana Lisa de Jong pic
Ana Lisa de Jong book

Ana Lisa de Jong

Ana Lisa de Jong is a poet and inspirational writer. Motivated by her love of the written word, art, nature, God and people, she writes daily, for her own benefit and other’s encouragement. Ana Lisa’s third volume of poetry in three years is on its way to print and completes her ‘Poetry for the Soul’ series.

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dee pigneguy_photo
Dee Pigneguy book2

Dee Pigneguy

Dee is a writer and gardener. She has published a wide range of books including maritime, environment and health science. She makes natural science accessible and exciting. Her latest book Exploring Nature’s Pattern Magic was one of seven winners for the Storylines Notable Book Awards for 2016 in the non-fiction section. It also made the list of “50 best books for kids” in the NZ Listener.

Visit Dee’s Website

Sarah Budden pic
Sarah Budden book

S.M. Budden

Dark Fantasy / Paranormal Romance – Tempted by the shadows, S. M. Budden brings you her debut novel – Credulous. A test of love and trust in a world beyond the concept of reality.

Visit S M Budden’s website

PicMonkey Collage

ZR Southcombe

ZR Southcombe is a writer and artist. Her published literary works include children’s chapter books, a wordless picture book, colouring books, a children’s anthology, and zines. She makes art for her own fulfillment, but loves when she can share her passion with others inspiring them to follow their own dreams, wherever they may lead.

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de Varga, Louise
unknown title

Louise de Varga

Louise has written poetry and short stories however Kapowai’s Birthday is the first book she has independently published. She has loved words since she realised she could read them.

Visit Louise’s Website

Lizzi Tremayne pic2
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

Lizzi Tremayne

Lizzi loves using her experiences as an equine veterinarian, equestrian, animal lover and teacher in her Historical Romantic Suspense sagas and upcoming girl-country vet stories. Her debut novel A Long Trail Rolling is multiply awarded. The Long Trails Quadrilogy follows her characters from 1860 Utah to Colonial New Zealand. Adult/YA

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John Young pic
John Young Book

Reader John

Reader John enjoyed the tales of his Scottish grandfather told him when he was a wee lad. He has had many pets in his lifetime that include Panther, a Burmese Mandalay. Reader John currently resides in Bayswater, Auckland.  The Best Friend in my Life is his first book. 

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jo barr
Jo Carson-Barr book

Jo Carson-Barr

Jo Carson-Barr has been writing for children for about five years. Jo has spent many years working with people who are differently abled and her hope is to write more books including different types of people in her stories. Married to Rod. She is the mother of three grown up children and grandmother of six.

Visit Jo’s website

Paul Corrigan pic
Paul corrigan book

Paul Corrigan

Paul lives in Petone, near Wellington. Maria Goretti and Me is his debut published novel.  His next novel, The Goal Kicker, is set to be published before Christmas 2016.  Paul has been a journalist and solo parent.

Visit Paul’s facebook page

Rosemary Carey photo
Rosemary Carey book

Rosemary Carey

“The Walnut Legacy” is my first novel. I was inspired by the legacy of strong family values originating from my Chinese great grandfather, Thomas Coto. The novel has also been translated into simplified and classical Chinese and shared around the world. I am currently working on a sequel.

Visit Rosemary’s facebook page

JC Hart
JC Hart book

J.C. Hart

I’ve been published in a number of award winning anthologies, and now I am finally releasing my longer works as an Independent author. I’ve been an Australian Shadows finalist for Best Short Story, and am a Sir Julius Vogel award winning editor, both things I am very proud of. I’m hoping to add more accolades to the list in the near future.

Visit JC Hart’s website

June Allen pic
June Allen Book

June Allen

Kwizzel Publishing is an independent publishing company especially offering illustrated children’s books, social history stories from New Zealand and Norfolk Island, and award winning plays for performance at reasonable rates in community theatre.

Visit June Allen’s website

Catherine Warren  photo
Catherine Warren - a creature cover

Catherine Warren

Catherine is a Tauranga based multimedia artist and author. Her work aims to use art as a means of communication about various issues she is passionate about. In 2016 she launched a crowdfunder to support the publication of her first children’s picture book, A Creature.

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Alexis Waterhouse
Alexis Waterhouse book

Alexis Waterhouse

Alexis Waterhouse is a counsellor, CBT Therapist and author.  For the majority of her career she has specialized in the areas of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, abuse and addiction. Her book Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope is for those  who need encouragement and a sense of love and community around them in times of struggle.

Visit Alexis’ website

TG Ayer
TG Ayer books

T.G. Ayer

I have been a writer from the time I was old enough to recognise that reading was a doorway into my imagination. Poetry was my first foray into the art of the written word. Books were my best friends, my escape, my haven.

Visit TG Ayer’s website

Anya Forest book 1
Anya Forest book 2

Anya Forest

Anya Forest is a New Zealand writer and author of “A Southern Star”, “A Forgotten Sky” and “A Remembered Land”, contemporary romance novels set in southern New Zealand. Anya is currently working on her next romance novel and has previously worked as a freelance editor and writer for various organisations.

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Robyn P Murray
Robyn Murray book

Robyn P. Murray

Robyn was born in Co. Antrim Northern Ireland, and grew up with a love of reading and telling stories. After travelling and working around the world Robyn lives in New Zealand and has a Kiwi son and two grandsons. She has told and written children’s stories and short stories for many years.

Visit Robyn’s website

Helen Tau
Helen T

Helen Tau’au Filisi

I’ve completed a second Masters degree in Creative Writing, in 2012, with AUT University and have begun self publishing some of my works as Picture books of ancient Samoan stories, a collection of plays and anticipating a collection of short stories, poetry and novels…

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Jean Allen
Jean Allen - River at War

Jean Allen

Sound/speech/silence – what we hear; what we say; what we think … the sounds of the earth, the sea and sky. Language lifts man or destroys him. In periods or stages of my writing years my soul goes through playing with words, with ideas.

Visit Jean’s lastest blog

Mairangi Bay Writers
Mairangi Bay Writers books

Mairangi Writers

For keen readers looking for new and interesting indie books, especially about New Zealand. Most titles are available in print or ebook form worldwide.

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Pam Laird
Pam Laird book

Pam Laird – Mairangi Writers

Inspired by a huge stone chair built at Thorne Bay ninety years ago, Giant Jasper Trilogy explains the reason why the chair was built. Jasper’s big Surprise and Jasper and the Troll Bridge continue the friendly giant’s adventures.

Evan Andrew pic
Evan Andrew book

Evan Andrew – Mairangi Writers

Evan Andrew had his first Regency historical novel, ‘Shadows In The Night,’ published in 2008. This was followed by ‘The Spanish Woman,’ based on a true story, set in Turkey in the 17th century. Then came a sequel Regency novel, ‘Shadows of Doubt,’ in 2012. The Boxer rebellion in China in 1900 was the basis of ‘Beware of The Dragon,’ published in 2014.

Barbara Algie pic
Barbara Algie books

Barbara Algie – Mairangi Writers

Barbara Algie writes serious and humorous poetry,   ‘The Anzac Poppy’ was published in an Overseas Anthology, her winning story and poems appeared in ‘Magic in the Air’, a children’s volume, and she is a regular contributor to the NZSPCA quarterly magazine.   She was awarded the MBE by Her Majesty the Queen in 1970. Other books include ‘Zino,’ ‘Raunchy Rhymes and Quotable Quotes,’ ‘Golfing Cats’ and ‘Golfaholics Galore.’

John Reynolds photo
John Reynolds

John Reynolds – Mairangi Writers

John has written the story and lyrics for a number of successful rock musicals (including Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess, Starblaze, Valley of the Voodons, and Windust) a crime novel Uncommon Enemy, and several textbooks. He has a PhD from the University of Auckland and has been a teacher/lecturer in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, the USA and Zimbabwe.

Visit John’s website

Erin Mckechnie
Erin McKechnie book

Erin McKechnie – Mairangi Writers

A family therapist living in Orewa, Erin has travelled through a number of third world countries and uses her observations and experiences of life to enrich her writing on the spiritual paths and personal development of her characters.  Her first book Cissy was published in 2014 and her second book, On Lion Rock will be published before the end of 2016.

Janet Martin book
Janet Martin book 2

Janet Martin

Janet of Jampot Books started writing books in the year 2000.  She lives with her partner Davyd in the bushy Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand.  There are lots of native birds around their home providing inspiration for Janet’s stories.

Visit Janet’s website

Shiree Schumacher book
polar bear cub - Ursus maritimus
 (3 months old)

Shiree Schumacher

I’m Shiree, a freelance journalist who has always wanted to write and illustrate children’s books. It’s taken me a while to get around to it, though I first enrolled in a children’s book illustration course after I got back from my OE. My first book is certainly a labour of love. My family were the inspiration for The Hunt for Polar One.

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Millwheel Press - logo photo
Millwheel Press JLORourkeCovers

J.L. O’Rourke

Jenner Lichtwark is a former journalist who now edits fiction and  writes cosy murder mysteries, young adult urban fantasy (the Severn vampire series set backstage in a local theatre), and children’s books. Jenner runs Millwheel Press, an editing service and boutique publisher. @JLORourkeAuthor

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Anita Mary - Blood on the mirror books

Anita Mary

“Blood on the Mirror”  A Journey of a Heart – from emotional abandonment…..mental torment, suicidal strongholds, and soul entanglement. To a life of emotional embrace…. mental wholeness, physical belonging and spirit filled freedom. This is not a pleasant journey, but it is a victorious one. Come with me on my voyage into infinity.

Visit Anita’s website

Keitha smith small
Keitha Smith book

Keitha Smith

Keitha wrote her first book – a children’s twist-a-plot novel – as a class project when she was sixteen.  In her twenties and thirties her love of writing continued to grow, with her main focus being on writing women’s fiction, exploring life’s rich tapestry through funny, flawed and familial fictional characters.

Visit Keitha’s website

Lila Richards
Lila Richards books

Lila Richards

Lila Richards wrote her first novel at 11. Now living in Auckland with three cats, she works for the MetService as an editor and proofreader, visits the Middle Ages via the Society for Creative Anachronism, loves everything Art Deco, and collects old movies, owls, and vintage paraphernalia.

Richard Donald-self-portrait-150x150
RIchard Donald - book

Richard Donald

My three previous published books (French Leave, Painting out the Past, Travels Without a Donkey) were concerned with travel and art. However Corrupted on the Côte d’Azur is a self published crime novel. The question is – will the rich and influential villain manage to corrupt the legal system and escape justice?

Claire Bunt
Milo_front ISBN9780994120236 (2)

Claire Bunt

Claire Bunt was born in Picton. From her home in Onehunga, Auckland she looks out over the Manukau Harbour. She hopes that her books What Ever Happened to Milo?, The Green Hat That Blew Away, A Day of Surprizes, and Walter’s Story will nurture in children a love of reading.

Visit Claire’s website

Cauldron Books - Ian
Cauldron Books - Sue Singleton

Cauldron Books

Suzanne Singleton and Ian Clarke have published fiction independently. Suzanne’s writing reflects her insight into human relations, garnered during a career in education and psychology. Similarly Ian’s fiction was inspired by his career with the maritime industry and a childhood spent in India.  Their books include The Promise, The Koneke, and Boundary Flat Flounders ( Suzanne) and A Very Fishy Business, The Bungalow and Strange Company (Ian).

Visit Cauldron Books website

Chrissy Metge Book

Chrissy Metge

With an extensive background and love of animation it seemed a natural progression to add children’s author to her list of talents.  Max and his big imagination was inspired by Chrissy’s love for her nephew and the way kids see the world. As a new mother, one of her most favourite things is getting to see all the little things in life, all over again.

Visit Chrissy’s website

Dyslexia photo
Dyslexia made easy plastercine

Christine Thesiger – Dyslexia Made Easy

I struggled through school.  Homework took me hours more than anyone else to complete.  Reading a chapter of a book for English class was a nightmare.  I considered myself fortunate that no teacher ever asked me to read aloud in class as I would not have been able to do it.  The white page and black text moved in and out on each other and everything was out of focus, other than the word I was intently looking at.

Visit Dyslexia Made Easy website

041 rt_pp
Square tile for web

Andrene Low

My graduation piece for a presentation skills course was, “Breeding Before Forty” and got enough laughs that I was persuaded to take part in a Rookies’ Night at an Auckland comedy club. I stayed on the professional for three years with my ‘Excess Baggage Series’ the end result.

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Book Festival_Books_Nov.16

Vicky Adin

Vicky is fascinated by the 19th Century pioneers of our country, especially the women, who needed strength of mind as well as body to survive, let alone flourish, in a country still coming to terms with its existence. Being a genealogist in love with history, these men and women and their ancestors drive her stories.

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Melissa Pearl
Melissa Pearl for Book Festival Collage

Melissa Pearl

Melissa Pearl is a romance author who writes in a variety of YA and NA genres.
“I like to transport my readers into another world where they can laugh, cry and fall in love.”

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James Russell landscape BW
trilogy Zee

James Russell

James Russell’s childhood was typically Kiwi – barefoot and outdoors. It’s this connection with nature, and a carefree child’s life that he tries to re-create in his books. His self-published Dragon Brothers Trilogy is soon to be published in the US and China. A novel is also underway.

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Front cover low res 24.09.2014

Ellie Baker

Originally from UK, Ellie’s  interest is helping migrants become more settled. This self-help book is for migrants and for those who want to know more about them. Ellie lives in Mangatangi with her husband and the last of their four children.

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Lindsay-Salmon 003c 6x8 small


p.d.r. makes New Zealand home. Born in Ireland, brought up in Yorkshire, educated in England, Canada and New Zealand, writer p.d.r. lindsay is also Mrs Salmon, Ms Lindsay-Salmon and even for eight years in Japan, Professor Lindsay-Salmon. This wide experience of different cultures colours her writing and keeps her travelling.

Visit p.d.r.’s website.


Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice is a writers’ publishing cooperative which acts like a traditional publisher for its members. Novels are selected or rejected, worked on, professionally edited, proof read and designed. Finally the novel is approved, and published with the Writer’s Choice quality fiction seal.

Visit Writer’s Choice website.

Henry's Cage

Bernadette Joyce

My family arrived on the Larkin in 1849. The ninth ship to bring settlers to Dunedin, and we were some of the first settlers in New Zealand. I grew up listening to wonderful stories about early colonial life in Dunedin. The Early Settlers’ Museum provided me with pictures and artefacts and I added them to the family stories and my heroine, Elean, and her story were born.

Visit Bernadette’s website.

4NailsDawnism_9-5-2013_FrontCover (1)

G. J. Berger

G.J. lives in San Diego with his favorite tango dancing partner, his wife. G. J’s debut novel, South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon, won the 2012 San Diego historical fiction awards. “Burnt Rocks” is the sequel to “Four Nails” and tells the mostly true story of the youngest daughter of Sinorix after the empire of Carthage has fallen to Rome. Both novels are Writer’s Choice novels.

Visit G.J.’s website.


Karolyn Timarkos

Karolyn Timarkos loves cats, WOMAD festivals, the Oxford Comma, and travelling. She dislikes cockroaches, political correctness, and people who don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Karolyn is the author of the young-adult sci-fi fantasy series The Atlas Chronicles, and runs the websiteLittle Peppe & Friends.

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books (2)

Stacey Broadbent

Stacey lives in Ashburton with her husband and three children. With a love of the written word, she decided to take the plunge and try her hand at writing and has never looked back.  Stacey has one thriller novel and three novellas under her belt.

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Exhibitor Listing A-Z (2015)

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